Optics and Measurement International Conference

To provide opportunities for sharing knowledge and experience gained in the field of research and development of optical elements, systems and measurement methods, we regularly organize an international conference that allows link between the academic and industrial spheres.

The main topics of the Optics and Measurement conference are selected based on the latest technology and experience and are focused on:

  • design, production and machining of optical elements from standard as well as non-standard materials using the latest procedures and technology;
  • methods and systems for optical measurement; characterization of optical elements by interferometric, holographic as well as other methods;
  • computational and hyperdimensional imaging, technology of thin films deposition and its measurement;
  • fine mechanics (construction and technology of mechanical parts and system manufacturing for using in optics);
  • optical elements and advanced systems for highly specific application (radiation hard optics, x-ray and laser optics, diffractive optics and HOE elements, optical systems for space etc.).

Many experts from universities, institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and lading commercial organizations both from the Czech Republic and abroad were very interested in the first OaM conference in 2012. Two years later, we brought the support of International Society for Optics and Photonics – SPIE) who guarantees the publication of the presented papers. All previous years, where interesting scientific works and industrial application were presented on high professional level, were very beneficial and contributed to the establishment of new partnerships between the participating organizations.

We would like to thank important industrial partners for the sponsorship they provided to us. They are among others:

Crytur Meopta Asphericon OptiXs


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